Generationals – “Catahoula Man” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Generationals’ “Catahoula Man” brings an inordinate amount of fun, and the new video for the track amplifies this, while drawing from the art of early American-Modernist painter, Stuart Davis — an artist who influenced the creation of the song.

From the 80s-inspired synth lines that bring no shortage of fluidity through pitch-bent melodies, to the bright and colourful images that swap with a staccato rhythm — a hard contrast to the smoothness of the song, but perfectly in time with the beat — Generationals’ bring their unique vision to the forefront. There is a harmony found in the tension between smoothness and snappiness: the video features a string of photography, short clips, and animation to create a flow of colour-based visuals, sometimes changing quickly, sometimes with a thematic flow.

As the track moves forward, the images become more focused on movement, while the song repeats its catchy chorus. This is pop for the art-inclined, the nostalgic, and for everyone who enjoys a good melody.

To hear more from Generationals, check out their website, Facebook page, and iTunes page. You can also follow the duo on Twitter.

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