Dirty Chime – “Fifty One Fifty”

@NewSickMusic, 07.31.19 @ 8:48am EDT
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Los Angeles based Electronic-Pop artist “Dirty Chime” breaks onto the NewSickMusic pages with some stellar visuals for his latest single “Fifty One Fifty”. The brainchild of solo artist Thomas Clayton,...

This Bliss – “Whenever”

This Bliss – “Whenever”

@NewSickMusic, 07.26.19 @ 11:10am EDT
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Boston based trio This Bliss breaks onto the NewSickMusic pages with the release of their new single “Whenever” off of their new project ‘Dramatization of Real Events’. Always content-driven with a...

Quinn Lewis – “Hurt Me Now”

@NewSickMusic, 07.19.19 @ 12:09pm EDT
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Australian-born, Nashville-based pop singer-songwriter, Quinn Lewis breaks onto the NewSickMusic pages with his latest single, “Hurt Me Now“. With an official video to arrive soon, the track notably arrives on the...

Isaac Dunbar – “Ferrari”

@NewSickMusic, 07.11.19 @ 8:30am EDT
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Rising 16 year old artist Isaac Dunbar breaks onto the NewSickMusic pages with his brand new single “Ferrari”. Featured on his highly awaited ‘Balloons Don’t Float Here’ EP, “Ferrari” veers from Dunbar’s...

INViDA x Muza – “Chameleon” Ft. Juliette Reilly

INViDA x Muza – “Chameleon” Ft. Juliette Reilly

@NewSickMusic, 06.20.19 @ 9:57am EDT
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New York City based Pop and Dance artist, producer, and songwriter INViDA teams up with fellow NYC duo Muza on their Juliette Reilly assisted single “Chameleon”. An inspired pop/electronic/indie collaboration...

Franke – “Kids”

@NewSickMusic, 02.14.19 @ 10:47am EDT
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Following the success of his first commercial pop single ‘Home Alone‘ in August 2017, Franke returns with “Kids” his new single off of his ‘Internet HeartBreak’ EP. Check out “Kids”...

Melanie Taylor – “Adderall” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 10.29.18 @ 4:29pm EDT
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Melanie Taylor makes physical the sensation of being at war with yourself with her clip for “Adderall”. The song, which moves between glitchy in its rhythm (creating an underlying sense...

Leon Seti – “Silver Lining” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 10.29.18 @ 3:36pm EDT
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If I could choose my dreams, I would want them to be full of meaningful metaphors, shadows, and psychedelic split screens with smooth motion. If I could choose the soundtrack,...

Pop Noir – “White Jazz” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 10.15.18 @ 11:49am EDT
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Twin Mancunian brothers Joe and Luke McGarry are on the move through Tokyo in the video for their catchy electronic track “White Jazz” — a song that finds its soul...

Paul van Dyk ft. Plumb – “Music Rescues Me” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 10.05.18 @ 12:18pm EDT
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I’d like to think that we’ve all been rescued by music, at some time or another. It’s an art form that exists in real-time, but has the ability to pull...

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