Jonny Dee – “The Man Who Fell From the Sky” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 11.18.18 @ 9:53pm EST
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San Diego’s Jonny Dee is combining worlds with “The Man Who Fell From the Sky”. This “psychadelic hip-hop” superstar has come to Earth to spread his groove and message. “I...

Synthonic – “Head Banging” (Single)

Kaitlin Ruether, 07.25.18 @ 10:04am EDT
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Synthonic is a new project that declares a creatively restless mind in all the best ways. The project comes from Kieron Garrett — an artist who previously released music with...

Taylor James – Insane (Album)

Taylor James – Insane (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 07.23.18 @ 12:42pm EDT
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[LISTEN HERE] Taylor James wants to make music that embraces love and peace in a world that seems hyper-focused on the opposites. The youngest of seven siblings, this artist knows...

Big Sam’s Funky Nation – “Pokechop” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 07.09.18 @ 12:09pm EDT
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Embed some groove in your summer with Big Sam’s Funky Nation and their boisterous single, “Pokechop”. Snappy percussion, a flare of brass, and a bass groove that will get your...

Jungle – “Happy Man” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 05.14.18 @ 9:13am EDT
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Though Jungle have had their sound compared to the funk of the 1970s, there is an energy to their single, “Happy Man”, that is undoubtedly of the present. The falsetto...

Luca Bash – Keys of Mine (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 12.12.17 @ 1:41pm EST
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The internet has changed a lot about the way albums are produced. Now that people stream music and singles and hits can be listened to without the context of an...

Bibi Bourelly – Perfect Night ft. Earl St. Clair

Corey G, 04.11.17 @ 10:14am EDT
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It feels like everyone knows a Bibi Bourelly. That one cool ass, down to earth girl that you can just be real with. Bibi Bourelly is a rising artist that...

Josiah Williams – “Let Your Hair Flow”

Ryan Pod, 02.24.17 @ 5:52pm EST
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“Let Your Hair Flow” is a Chill Rap / 90’s R&B and Funk song from Josiah Williams. This song is apart of Visual Individual – EP, released on July 1,...

Dylan Reese – “Fan Of You” (ft. Jackson Breit)

Ryan Pod, 09.08.16 @ 9:53pm EDT
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Massachusetts native Dylan Reese returns with a new  track entitled “Fan Of You.” The Moses Jean produced track is a cool blend between pop, funk and soul. Receiving assistance from Jackson...

Marcus Alan Ward – “Little Sunshine”

Bryan Montesano, 07.17.16 @ 3:56pm EDT
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Making his #NSM debut on this fine Sunday afternoon is none other than Cleveland, Ohio’s black rock multi-instrumentalist, Marcus Alan Ward. Growing up, Ward was involved in his local music...

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