Cosmo’s Midnight & Kucka – “Walk With Me” [Swindail remix]

Paula Truscott, 02.06.16 @ 11:50am EST
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This track was already cute, but it managed to get cuter. Cosmo’s Midnight; a pair of producing twins from Sydney, and Kucka; a vocalist out of Perth (hometown, represent) teamed...

HVNNIBVL- “Won’t Let Go”

Ryan Pod, 02.05.16 @ 6:36pm EST

HVNNIBVL (pronounced “Hannibal”) is a 19 year old Recording Artist, Producer, and Songwriter from Buffalo, New York. For years, the young artist has been toying around with his sound. As...

Fitzroy – “Howhoe”

Paula Truscott, 02.04.16 @ 1:15pm EST

“What’s that sample?” was the first question I had when hearting Howhoe by Fitzroy. The French beatsmith has a knack for rap-sampling (check out Shawty, his soulful version of Nas’...

DJ Snake ft. Bipolar Sunshine – “Middle” [Mija remix]

Paula Truscott, 01.30.16 @ 12:56pm EST
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No matter how much you loooooove a song, if you repeatedly pump it through your stereo, your ears will eventually need a break. But when someone does a gnarly remix...

Y2K & Lil Aaron – “Damn”

Paula Truscott, 01.21.16 @ 2:23pm EST
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Last year Y2K remixed Anderson .Paak’s Drugs, and the finished product was top-notch Grade A quality. He’s brought the goods again, but this time pairing up with an unfamiliar lad...

Rare – “Babe”

Paula Truscott, 01.20.16 @ 6:53pm EST
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There’s a bit in this wonderfully wordless track that reminds me of a beatboxer I know. Total Babe. He’s off to Toronto, which is just up the road from the...

Listen to Daruma Vol. 005: 18 Tracks of Bangers Only

Listen to Daruma Vol. 005: 18 Tracks of Bangers Only

Lauren Bobek, 01.16.16 @ 8:28pm EST
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Music collective Daruma has an impressive roster of artists to say the least, which means it puts together an impressive compilation. Featuring the likes from artists Andrew Luce, Whispa, QUIX,...

Tsar B – “Escalate” [Video]

Jarret Armstrong, 01.13.16 @ 1:09pm EST
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It only takes one listen of Tsar B’s “Escalate” to gauge the obvious potential of the new Belgian sensation. Her debut single is already making headlines in her homeland and...

Kiiara – “Say Anymore”

Paula Truscott, 01.08.16 @ 11:25am EST
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I had to tick, like, 6 genre boxes. Kiiara‘s Say Anymore is produced by Felix Snow, and together, the pair refuse to be pigeonholed. Kiiara’s got that classic R&B pop...

Yng Villn – “Frozen Creek”

Paula Truscott, 01.06.16 @ 12:03pm EST
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Heebie jeebies. In a good way. Sometimes a song just hits you right in the feels. Exhibit A: White Iverson. Exhibit B: Covered in Chrome. And for me, right now,...

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