Oshi – the journey

Natalie Barman, 12.28.15 @ 4:55pm EST
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The last couple of weeks have been post after post about which artists killed it in 2015, but few artists topped Oshi this year. The London music producer went from a couple hundred...

Alizzz – “Your Love” (Hoodboi Remix)

Lauren Bobek, 12.19.15 @ 1:30pm EST
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In a Moving Castle official remix pack of Alizzz‘ “Your Love,” Hoodboi releases his future bass version of the song. Although Hoodboi initially had his roots in jersey club, it’s nice hearing...

Mark Maxwell – Say It Again (ft. Jason Gaffner) (Bells and Robes Remix)

Natalie Barman, 11.19.15 @ 1:38pm EST
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Fresh off their gig at Suwanee Hulaween, electronic music duo Bells and Robes released a wavy remix of Mark Maxwell’s “Say It Again.” The Florida artists put their own slow-groove spin on...

Listen to Daruma Vol. 004: a 17-track future bass frenzy

Listen to Daruma Vol. 004: a 17-track future bass frenzy

Paula Truscott, 11.19.15 @ 11:55am EST
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Words. They’re overrated. As a full-time writer, you’d think I’d be down wit em. Oh, to the contrary – there’s nothing sweeter than the sound one makes when they STFU....

Kero Uno ft. Kelsey Bulkin – Princess Diamond [starRo Remix]

Paula Truscott, 11.18.15 @ 10:21pm EST
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For me, the beauty of a good remix is that it opens up a track to a new audience, with their own set of tick boxes on what makes something...

Lido – Here (Thoughts From A Tour Bus)

Natalie Barman, 11.14.15 @ 3:41pm EST
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Lido’s caught the blues. The Norwegian producer recently had his SoundCloud account frozen after major labels complained about his many remixes, leading him to express his frustrations on Twitter. He...

Oylo ft. Dawson & Kolada – “Idle Hour”

Paula Truscott, 11.11.15 @ 3:21am EST
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From my temporary desk in the chaotic concrete jungle that is Manila, I sit here enjoying an Idle Hour daydreaming of island times to come. The Oylo track is well...

Memorecks spoofs Soulection with his 2nd ‘Bowlection Radio’ set

Paula Truscott, 11.10.15 @ 3:52am EST
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When I think parody music, the likes of Weird Al Yankovic and The Lonely Island spring to mind, and while hilarious, they’re not really beats you can genuinely enjoy time...

Just A Gent ft. LANKS – “Heavy As A Heartbreak”

Paula Truscott, 11.03.15 @ 6:44pm EST
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A broken heart. Yep, that shit can be pretty heavy. Here’s a track dedicated to that, backed up by some heavy trap beats which, if you’re anything like me, is...

Fwdslxsh x TEK.LUN – “Chinatown”

Paula Truscott, 11.01.15 @ 6:22am EST
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When you’re up at an ungodly hour, turnt AF and you’re hungry for two thousand of something, there’s one place you go – Chinatown. Every major city has their own...

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