Lauren Bobek, 10.30.15 @ 5:32pm EDT
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YOU USED TO CALL ME ON MY…REMIX. Since Hotline Bling dropped, there has been an overwhelming amount of response from the Internet–remixes, memes, graphics playing on the design of the...

Dutchboy – I Just, I Been

Paula Truscott, 10.29.15 @ 7:43am EDT
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If you’re looking to buy a new subwoofer, get this track enqueue, Bluetooth that shit at the store or whatever and test that mofo out – you’ll  be sure to...

Booty Beaver – Nxwxrk

Natalie Barman, 10.23.15 @ 4:26pm EDT
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It’s been a hot minute since Booty Beaver put out a song (over a year, actually), but that doesn’t mean his music has become any less dance-worthy. The FoFoFadi member’s newest song, “Nxwxrk,”...

Luca Lush – Hotline Bling

Natalie Barman, 10.21.15 @ 8:44pm EDT
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In the wake of the “Hotline Bling” video release, Luca Lush released a wavy remix of the buzz-worthy track that has re-taken pop culture by storm. Luca adds future bass drums and some playful bounce to this...

Stwo ft. Sevdaliza – “Haunted”

Paula Truscott, 10.12.15 @ 8:44pm EDT
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With a name pronounced like a hearty Winter broth of tender meat and vegetables, HW&W producer Stwo surprised us today with a brand new track. With an assortment of delicious remixes under his...

GoldLink – “Spectrum” [Prod. Louie Lastic]

Paula Truscott, 10.11.15 @ 9:25pm EDT
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If you’re like me and you give yourself approximately 30 seconds to make a decision on whether or not you like a track, a good sample can totally make that...

Win32 – “Faithless Preacher”

Paula Truscott, 10.07.15 @ 2:32am EDT
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According to Google, win32 is the 32-bit application programming interface available in the Microsoft Windows operating system. But according to my Soundcloud stream, Win32 is the maker of some mighty...

marshmello – “BoUnCE”

Paula Truscott, 09.25.15 @ 1:50am EDT
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I’ve had the munchies for marshmello since March, and 6 months later I still don’t know if it’s a he, she or we that has me fiending. Luckily the fix...

Swindail – Gellaitry Groove (Tiber Remix)

Natalie Barman, 09.22.15 @ 2:17pm EDT
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Aussie producer Tiber hit us with another unique remix yesterday. The rising artist released his take on Swindail’s “Gellaitry Groove,” a track that presumably pays homage to Soulection’s Sam Geillatry. Tiber’s bass-heavy version is...

The Weeknd – “The Hills” (RL Grime Remix)

Braden Young, 09.22.15 @ 2:07pm EDT
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The summer of The Weeknd continued yesterday as the R&B superstar replaced himself on the Billboard Hot 100 with another #1 single. With “The Hills” surpassing “Can’t Feel My Face”...

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