Alison Wonderland – “Games” [Hermitude Remix]

Paula Truscott, 09.21.15 @ 5:15am EST
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What do you get when a little Aussie writer sees her favourite Aussie electronic duo post a remix of another favourite (dear American friends – we spell shit different down under)...

Neck – “Coffee”

Paula Truscott, 09.17.15 @ 10:44am EST
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We’ve been breathing down his namesake since hearing Black and Oh Yeah a few months back, patiently awaiting our next hit of sexy-smooth material from Neck. And just when we...

kev. w/ KeaLKO – “Addiction”

Paula Truscott, 09.09.15 @ 5:28am EST
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Don’t you just love it when you hit the play button on the off chance that a song might just be spectacular… and then it is? Doesn’t it feel satisfying?...

Losco – “Hold Up”

Paula Truscott, 09.07.15 @ 10:12am EST
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Hold up, wait a minute, Losco put their two cents in it… By “it” I mean trap music, by “Losco” I mean the Belgian production squad and by “two cents”,...

Tim Legend ft. BR/\VE – “Hope”

Paula Truscott, 08.21.15 @ 4:09am EST
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It’s encroaching on 4:20pm Friday on my side of the hemisphere, the primest of times for chilling like a villain before the weekend beckons. South Carolina producer Tim Legend makes...

KRNE – “Propane”

Paula Truscott, 08.19.15 @ 3:57am EST
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Despite the fact I write about trap music, I’m no expert on the ins and outs of making music – but I know what I like. And given the fact...

Shadow Sable – “I Want It”

Paula Truscott, 08.13.15 @ 4:34am EST
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There’s something lurking in the shadows in Perth, ready to pounce on partygoers, gurners and rinsers alike. Hailing from my hometown (P City so pretty), Australian producer Sable unleashed his...

Sam Gellaitry – “Long Distance”

Paula Truscott, 07.27.15 @ 3:37am EST
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Now, I normally don’t enjoy being tickled, but when it comes to Scottish dudes with a knack for making sweet, sweet trap beats, exceptions are made. Signed to forward-thinking future sound...

Juelz – “Cocaine”

Paula Truscott, 07.24.15 @ 11:53pm EST
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This track goes in as soon as you hit play, giving you exactly 31 seconds before you completely lose your marbles. Short and sweet at 2:09, Juelz packs a punch...

Ramzoid – “Tribe”

Paula Truscott, 07.24.15 @ 11:53am EST
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My eardrums always have me searching for fresh new beats to get turnt up to, and although he’s too young to partake in such activities, Ramzoid can certainly produce the...

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