Frak – Limewire ’03 (Project Stream)

Frak – Limewire ’03 (Project Stream)

JonFromJersey, 01.24.18 @ 5:47pm EST
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San Francisco musician Frak unveils his brand new body of work, Limewire ’03. Lacing each track with exceptional concepts, all stemming from the heavy album sampling of early 2000’s R&B...

Nyce Franklyn – “Ur Welcome” (EP)

JonFromJersey, 01.24.18 @ 5:38pm EST
EP & Mixtapes , Music ,

 Nyce Franklyn, a Haitian-American Boston-native recording artist, recently released a five-track EP entitled, “Ur Welcome.” It is a high-energy musical outfit that documents the lifestyle of the young entertainer. Choosing...

Lil Debbie – “Goyard”

JonFromJersey, 01.24.18 @ 5:30pm EST
Music , Singles ,

Lil Debbie announced that she would be sharing a new EP on her birthday, February 2nd, titled I’m The Rapper, He’s The Producer in collaboration with Kid Class. To compliment this news, the Oakland...

No Sleep – No Effort Remix

JonFromJersey, 01.24.18 @ 1:54pm EST
Singles ,

No Sleep has been making a lot of noise in the Massachusetts area. He’s planning to have a big year in 2018 with him and his team releasing a project in...

Derek Pope – Hyrule Temple

Derek Pope – Hyrule Temple

JonFromJersey, 01.23.18 @ 8:28am EST
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Sometimes it takes a few years of trial and error to find the breakthrough, and Los Angeles transplant Derek Pope is no stranger to sonic experimentation. After finding his footing...

Loso McCall – Women, Weed & Melodies (Mixtape)

Loso McCall – Women, Weed & Melodies (Mixtape)

JonFromJersey, 01.22.18 @ 6:50pm EST
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Loso McCall name hasn’t popped up quite much yet but be on the lookout in 2018. The 20 year old New York artist drops off his debut mixtape “Women, Weed...

Manny Wellz – “Watermelon”

JonFromJersey, 01.22.18 @ 11:18am EST
Music , Singles ,

Manny Wellz is one of the most unique voices emerging from the DMV’s eclectic music scene, and is back to share a killer new single in the form of “Watermelon.”...

Nate Taylorr – Stay The Same (Prod. By Tha Kompetition)

Nate Taylorr – Stay The Same (Prod. By Tha Kompetition)

JonFromJersey, 01.20.18 @ 8:59am EST
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Nate Taylorr has been on a brief hiatus, preparing a new sound to present to the masses for 2018. With his new LP slated for release sometime in the first...

Gavin Banks ($adboy) – “(S.A.D.) Simply About Development”

Ryan Kwiecinski, 01.19.18 @ 1:42pm EST
EP & Mixtapes , ,

Gavin Banks aka $adboy just delivered his debut project, a 6 piece EP entitled “(S.A.D.) Simply About Development.” NSM featured previous released tracks from him called “134” and the On...

Lud Foe – “Lil Zayden”

Lud Foe – “Lil Zayden”

JonFromJersey, 01.18.18 @ 3:52am EST
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Lud Foe name has been everywhere as of late, from the good to bad, he continues to keep powering up and nothing seems to be stopping his progression from these...

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