Artemis Aether – “Don’t Forgive Me”

@NewSickMusic, 03.18.19 @ 8:33am EDT
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Artemis Aether breaks onto the NewSickMusic pages with “Don’t Forgive Me”, an energetic indie/electro tune with some alt-pop leanings. Featured off of their latest project ‘Redeemer EP‘, the track is...

bülow – “Sweet Little Lies” (Video)

@NewSickMusic, 03.06.19 @ 10:32am EDT
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Critically acclaimed German born pop arist bülow breaks onto the NewSickMusic pages with the official music video for her new single “Sweet Little Lies”. Commenting on the song and video concept...

Addi McDaniel – “Are You Serious” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 01.08.19 @ 3:47pm EDT
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Though originally from Florida, Addi McDaniel has made New York her home through and through. The vocalist of the duet Addi and Jacq — she has already received WNYC’s “Best...

Broke Royals – “Bad Chemicals” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 11.21.18 @ 1:31pm EDT
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Yuval Noah Harari wrote, “In the near future, the intersection of artificial intelligence and biotechnology will reshape the future of life itself.” This idea, and the reality that biotechnology is...

The Ivy Walls – “White Ocean” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 11.09.18 @ 2:41pm EDT
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Insomnia can make for a strange high. A bad trip. Hot signals crossing paths and catching fire across your brain. This is what the video for The Ivy Walls’ “White...

Mikey Mike – “Strange Times”

@NewSickMusic, 11.09.18 @ 12:45pm EDT
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Rising artist Mikey Mike makes his way onto the NewSickMusic pages with his brand new single “Strange Times”. Featured off his first EP ‘Life on Earth‘, released last Friday, “Strange...

CAEZAR – “Somewhere New”

@NewSickMusic, 10.31.18 @ 12:52pm EDT
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Hailing from the unassuming town of Cheltenham, Indie-pop trio CAEZAR returns to our pages with “Somewhere New”, the next single off their much-anticipated debut EP ‘HAIL!’, set to be released...

Tim Freitag – “By Your Side” (Video)

@NewSickMusic, 09.13.18 @ 10:55am EDT
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Following the sucess of their previous two hit releases “Hold On” and “Bruises”, Zürich based band Tim Freitag burst onto the NewSickMusic pages with some captivating visuals for their dancable...

NYA – Southland EP

Kaitlin Ruether, 08.28.18 @ 3:46pm EDT
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Following her 2017 debut EP Mania, NYA is back with another short EP that pushes experimentally against the boundaries of genre. The twenty-two year old singer-songwriter doesn’t limit herself to simplicity...

Kurt Vile – “Loading Zones” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 08.27.18 @ 1:59pm EDT
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Kurt Vile is bringing his retro-styled sun-bleached aesthetic back with “Loading Zones”, his latest clip for a track that celebrates the unnoticed spaces that at first glance seem uninteresting. Part low-key...

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