Ghost Thoughts – “Purple Period”

Shane Longoria, 1 year ago
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Davina Shell of the Vancouver-based indie pop outfit Thee AHs has unveiled a new project in Ghost Thoughts. The band features Shell on guitar, Dan On on bass, and Ben Goldberg on drums. Their debut EP, Purple Period, doesn’t deviate too far from Thee AHs’ blissful indie pop sound, though it does dial back the heavier elements.

Also in Thee AHs territory, Shell doesn’t shy away from the existential sucker punches; Purple Period dives head first into themes of existentialism and mortality, giving its often laid-back sonic demeanor a chilling eeriness. Every song was written by Shell, but each one features a different vocalist, including Thee AHs bandmate Sarah Lowenstein.

Standout tracks like “Everyone Dies Alone” and “Eintagsliebe” showcase this worrisome, contemplative mood that flows throughout the six-track project. Though it may be dark, Purple Period is still a delightful collection of indie pop gems.

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