Girlpool – “Powerplant”

Shane Longoria, 2 years ago
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Following up the stripped back, intimate affair that was 2015’s Before the World Was Big, Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad — known collectively as Girlpool — bring a fullness to their sound on the excellent sophomore effort, Powerplant.

Even with the addition of heavier guitars and drums, Girlpool retain the stark intimacy displayed on their debut. Opening with the anthemic cut “123,” Powerplant finds Girlpool continuing to hone their gift for observation with sharp, clever lyricism. Lines like “The nihilist tells you that nothing is true / I said I faked global warming just to get close to you” from “It Gets More Blue” articulate the ridiculous lengths people will go to pursue a relationship.

There is a moment on the song “Corner Store” that features a brief heavy moment; the guitars go into chaotic overdrive to create a cataclysmic breakdown unlike anything we’ve heard from Girlpool before, only to snap right back into the warmth that we’re accustomed to.

The sound is fuller, more dynamic, but not lost is the subtle hush of Cleo and Harmony’s vocals, providing a place of solace and much needed introspection.

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