“Giving Up” – Henri Bardot

Katie Puccio, 4 years ago
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When you get back into the game, it’s crucial to come out of the gates with a bang. That’s exactly what Henri Bardot has done with the release of his sophomore album, Blue Night, which dropped on May 10th. You can find the whole list of tracks on iTunes and Spotify along with a few singles on his SoundCloud. You can also buy the album as a digital download or a physical CD on his website. Since the release, the singer-songwriter from Washington has gotten a lot of love from the online indie music community for good reason. Bardot’s music has clear, warm vocals with ethereal instrumental accompaniment, but he is not another Sufjan Stevens indie wannabe. His music has compelling harmonic structures that keep listeners on the edge of their seats, which is exactly what I love about “Giving Up.”

This track opens with simple piano chords and a syncopated drum kick like a heart beat that drives the song forward without getting too repetitive or being a slave to the downbeat. At first listen, I didn’t notice the complexity of the chord progression, but upon multiple hearings, I became drawn to where the music was, or was not going. Bardot’s vocals sits nicely above the harmony in a soft middle voice that is very serene and appealing. Another thing I love about this track is the lyrics and just how relatable they are to listeners. Over the course of a short 2:55, we hear references to burgers and fries and paper maché volcanoes, giving us uncomplicated metaphors for the “giving in,” of which he sings, to the love that is in front of us.

Based on what I’ve heard from Blue Night, there’s only room to go up from here. I can’t wait to see how this new album continues to take off and you can say you heard it here first(ish). From what I can gather from Facebook and Twitter, he performs live in the Northwest, so definitely check him out if you’re in the area. In the meantime, follow him for updates on new music and other information on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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