Glorybots bring space to earth with the clip for “Radiate”

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 weeks ago
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Space is a world of a word, and Glorybots — the project helmed by Seattle’s Jalal Andre — is an explorer. On “Radiate”, spaciousness fills out the 90s rock edge and infiltrates between the vocal refrains with a pulsing rhythm of a guitar. 

It is this spaciousness, or perhaps expansiveness, that sets Glorybots apart from Nine Inch Nails, though a pared back sound pulls them away from the territory of Muse. Instead of residing between, Glorybots create their own atmosphere, blending steady guitar, lingering vocals, and catchy beats. On Invisible — the project’s sophomore record — this is helped along with the skill of Matt Bayles, the keyboardist for Minus the Bear.

And while “space” might be the word of the track, the video brings everything back down to earth — even if the protagonists didn’t originate here. The animation style creates a lovable, relatable couple embarking on a road trip that is, by all accounts, magical. They travel the West Coast, taking in landmarks and discovering the art of the selfie, until at last it is time to take their newfound rock energy home. The dark twist at the end is the perfect conclusion, one that we find our earth selves thinking about all too often.

To hear more from Glorybots, you can find the project on Facebook, SoundCloud, and their website.

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