Good Field – “Business”

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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Paul Price has a knack for punchy indie tracks. I first became aware of his presence in the music world through Voxtrot, the acclaimed Austin indie project that ended in 2010, for which he played bass and secondary guitar. But Price never stopped creating. A former member of both Brazos and The Early Tapes, the musician finally decided to settle in and create a solo project. He called himself … Good Field.

Since then, Good Field has become a band that continues to supplement a tangy edge to indie music. Still based out of Austin, Paul Price, Nathan Stein, Esteban Cruz, Michael McLeod, and Kyle Robertson get together to create songs like the one you can hear above. The slow motion video fits nicely over the croon suggesting mundanity: “It’s just business,” the lyrics state, and the violence seems almost restrained. Almost. And as though there is more yet to break through.

The band’s latest album, Future Me, was released on July 28th. You can purchase it on iTunes or check out the band on their Facebook, Twitter, and website for more news about music and shows.


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