Grand Pavilion – “Anywhere” (Ft. Loretta Angus)

Chris Tanner, 4 years ago
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After setting up camp in London back in 2015, Aussie duo Tom Hunt and Stuart McNair embarked on a writing and sample-gathering trip across Europe in search of inspiration and ideas for the next phase in Grand Pavilion‘s sound. A few months later they returned home for the summer feeling inspired by everything they’d learned from everyone they had met, and after a night out in Byron Bay with old some friends, their new single “Anywhere” came to life.

As the smooth comforting voice of Tom Hunt begins to sing its words of nostalgia and love, it’s soon met by the graceful vocals of Loretta Angus. Together their dueling harmonies sing out from within a backdrop of pulsing electronic beats, echoing synths and an assembly of percussive sounds.

“’Anywhere’ is inspired by the excitement of a fresh, unexpected summer fling, exploring both the physical and emotional connection you have with this person, and resulting in what would be a most unforgettable summer.” Grand Pavilion

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