Greg Hoy melds present day tech with retro rock jam on the clip for “Messed up World”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 month ago
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At this point, a catchy hook and sense of timely influence has come to be expected from Greg Hoy. These are certainly present on his latest clip for rock and roll track “Messed Up World”.

The song carries forth a rollicking energy and rides a guitar edge. The vocals are at the forefront, and when joined by harmonies kick the song off into the sound of the 00s. There is a sense of loaded simplicity in the lyrics, which reference Prince and David Bowie in the final verse — a nod to a lineage. 

The accompanying video has Greg Hoy joined by prolific go-go dancer and showgirl Anna Copa Cabanna and R&B singer Septymber. Both women steal the show on a plethora of devices spread across the screen. Greg Hoy, for his part, remains on one device, playing the music that drives the images. The technological touch lends juxtaposition to the more retro sound of the song. It’s a blast, and one that will help you find joy in this mess of a world.

To hear more from Greg Hoy, you can find him on his website, BandCamp, and Instagram page. You can also follow him on Twitter for more music and news. 

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