Greg Hoy & The Boys bring pop-art and clowns to their video for “Leaving While You Stay”

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 months ago
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Greg Hoy is one for the road. The indie rock artist has carried his experiences and techniques forward as he carved his way across America. Along the way he found himself with something to say and now, with the assistance of The Boys of the moniker, he has the volume to say it. 

“Leaving While You Stay” is lead by a guitar hook that continues throughout the track. It’s biting and effect-laden and brings a post-punk energy made even more clear in the jumpy vocals. The accompanying video pushes forth the statement. An attention-seeking clown pulls attention towards him and leaves no one wondering who is on the other side of the joke. 

The video also features footage from Greg Hoy & The Boys on their 2019 tour — a refreshing reminder of live shows. The song has the energy to evoke that live vibrancy, matching the pop-art colours and effects that pulse through the clip. 

To hear more from Greg Hoy & the Boys, you can find them on their website or BandCamp. You can also follow Greg Hoy on Twitter for more music and news. 

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