Greta Salóme – “Row” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Greta Salóme embraces the wilderness of her home nation of Iceland in the video for her sweet pop track “Row”. Swathed in a white gown and moving like a gust of wind, Salóme seems  entraced by sensory experiences, and moves across the land in search of sensation and adventure. The video, while sticking to a colour palette of mostly whites and greys, displays the beauty and power of nature and the elements.

“Row” is as addictive as it is multifaceted. There is something classic in the composition that could be thanks to Greta Salóme’s classical training on the violin, but it is invariably contemporary in rhythm and the way the rich vocals are layered and used to build the track to the danceable chorus.

The video brings a grey beauty to a vibrant song, and we can only wait to here more original compositions from Greta Salóme. To hear more immediately, you can check out her stunning “Seven Nation Army” cover that heavily features her skill on the violin. You can also follow her on her website, Facebook page, and SoundCloud.

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