gv.grace – “F**k Golf” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Golf has long carried a connotation of elitism, from the oppressive standards of golf country clubs to the business meetings that take place over a round (and the number of hours the wealthy have to spend playing it). Golf may not always have the best reputation, but gv.grace sure can make it look exciting.

With a high energy synth-pop beat and lyrics that flow with more of a sonic emphasis than one of meaning, “F**k Golf” unleashes a powerful sexiness in half-spoken lyrics and groove. The accompanying video — created and brought to life by Elise Mesner and Michael Atallah — makes the song an integral part of a visual art journey. Quick cuts integrate the rhythm and Astroturf is everywhere (and I mean everywhere). Watch the censored version of the clip above, and find the uncensored version here in all of its golf-hating glory.

It’s clear that gv.grace is here to rile up the status quo with provocative and thrilling art. If you’re looking for something fresh, you can’t get much fresher than the high-concept celebration of bodies and colour that is “F**k Golf”.

To hear more from gv.grace, check out their website, Facebook page, and Youtube. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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