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Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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If you’ve ever wanted a dash more dreaminess in your Americana, Hannah Telle is your artist. She writes dreamy fuzzy guitar patterns and encircles them with her folk-rooted and luscious vocals. Having grown up in North Carolina, Telle moved to Los Angeles to study acting, garnering the role of protagonist Max Caulfield in the acclaimed video game Life is Strange. Using music as a therapeutic release from anxiety, Hannah Telle began to write songs. Hollow Glow is the culmination. Though the album won’t be released until September 21st, here’s everything you can look forward to.

Album opener “Never Done” is full of catchy hooks and is a smooth picture of life. Relatable and easy to get lost in, the slow pace keeps the layers of instrumentation balanced. “Hollow Glow” adds a depth of strings to angelic vocals, the percussive guitar plucking is hypnotic and Hannah Telle’s poetic songwriting finds a home here. You can watch the music video for “Hollow Glow” above.

Telle learned to play guitar for a film role, but her musical talent is expansive. It’s hard to believe she hasn’t always been doing this. The delicate work on “Rather Be Alone” is an example. Similarly, the voice is used as a weapon of emotion. The range in “Sunrise” and the escalation of “Skinned Knees” brings the heart of the album to light. A playfulness with the past is what makes Hannah Telle’s music so original; there’s nostalgia for classic Americana love songs in “Happy Birthday”, and a cinematic underscoring on “In My Mind” that compliments the sweetness.

“Hurricanes” is a moment of darker reality on the album, balanced by the following track, “Could It Be” which carries a lovely optimism. “Don’t Want to Lose it” is a bright album highlight, bringing vocals, history, and exquisite songwriting together for a slice of what makes the album great. The truly catchy “Winter Coat” concludes the album, ensuring it will stick with you and pull you back in.

Hollow Glow will be released on September 21st. To keep up with Hannah Telle until then, check out her Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Facebook pages, or follow her on Twitter.


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