Hannah Williams & The Affirmations – “Late Nights & Heartbreak” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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If you’ve been paying attention, you might recognize Hannah Williams & The Affirmations’ track “Late Nights & Heartbreak”. If you don’t, you just might find something inspiring in the sweeping and emotional soul song. Jay-Z certainly did when it inspired him to write the track “4:44”, on which this song is sampled.

Perhaps its the rise of emotions that unfurls slowly — almost painfully — as the tension builds. Or it could the way you can almost hear Williams’ heart breaking as she sings. Either way, the video for the track compliments the emotions perfectly by creating a meta-narrative in which we see Hannah Williams recording the song as her relationship disintegrates. The clip moves between black and white and saturated colours to separate timelines, but it all comes together in a rush as Hannah Williams breaks down in song. The moment is raw and intense, matching and enhancing the tone.

“Late Nights & Heartbreak” sounds like something from the past, but when you watch Hannah Williams & The Affirmations create the track, you realize that this is music that transcends time and trends: this is a track that will last.

To hear more from Hannah Williams & The Affirmations, you can find them on their Bandcamp and Facebook page. You can also follow the group on Twitter.

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