Har’Monique – “Oh Lawd”

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 months ago
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Har’Monique has always found independence through art. At age twelve, she was writing novels — but longing for something more. Now, Har’Monique is hard at work crafting her debut full-length album and is offering “Oh Lawd” as a taste of her unique style. 

Having grown up in Brooklyn and Binghamton in New York, this stellar artist knows the power of place. She brings this to the clip for “Oh Lawd”, which features the musician strutting down streets and gazing into the camera from benches. No matter where she is, there is a power to her movements, her expressions. But the real force is in the song itself. 

“Oh Lawd” starts grand, pushes onwards with giant hooks and energy, and concludes on the same note. You could call it relentless if it wasn’t such a boisterous jam. The percussion sets a quick step tone, but it’s Har’Monique’s vocals that take centre stage. She pulls her R&B influences together with her strong sense of melody to create something bright. “Oh Lawd” keeps playing in your head long after it concludes. 

Har’Monique’s self-titled album will be coming soon. To hear more from the artist while we wait, you can find her on her Spotify, SoundCloud, and Facebook page.

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