Hasse – Disco Dancer (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Every once in a while something comes into your life that asks questions: What is a music video, anyways? A visual representation of the music? Accompanying entertainment? A thematic exploration of what the intention of the song is? It’s fair to say that Hasse‘s video for their catchy and super-fun track, “Disco Dancer”, could be all of these things. But maybe that’s not for us to know. Maybe we are supposed to sit back and enjoy something we have never seen before: Glove-donning instrument-playing dog-people. Yes, this is something unique.

The track itself carries a strong beat, a piercing saxophone hook, and vocals as rhythmic as they are melodious. The band hails from Sweden, and — according to their Facebook page — they have the award for “Dog of the Year – 2004” and are shooting for the same achievement in 2015. This is Hasse’s first single, but more is to be expected.

To keep up with the band, check out their website, Facebook, and Spotify pages for exciting new content.

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