Head Fake release EP2 and pull the past into the future

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 months ago
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When you bring together three veteran artists who gained experience bringing flair and originality to the alternative 80s music that shaped the pop sounds of today, you might expect a record steeped in nostalgic synths and high drama. There is no shortage of synths on Head Fake’s EP2, but the compositions are perfectly current, filled with genre exploration and sweet melodies. 

Right away, “Cigarette” pulls out a hook that you’ll want to linger on and drops that you feel inside. There is a darkness, a hyper sense of solitude on the cigarette-lit walk through evening streets here. The electronic hum is reflected in the guitar-drop innovation of “2 A.M.”. Meanwhile, “Song for Daughters” creates captivation in harmonies evocative of The Magnetic Fields and a delicate echo bounce to match the wistful content. 

Head Fake is not afraid to innovate and carry what they learned from the past into the future. “2 A.M.” includes a rap breakdown and whispered vocals, keeping the track on the edge and the listener on their toes. “Overjoyed” blends into psychedelia, with hazy euphoria at the centre. You can watch the clip for “I’m Found” here and experience the band’s take on country — all tethered by a snapping beat. 

Speaking of innovation, you can check out Head Fake’s pandemic isolation track here. These guys won’t let anything slow them down. 

EP2 is an ever-catchy record that showcases each player’s refined talents and exceeds the nostalgia that perhaps inspired them, but now fuels them into their own territory. To keep up with Head Fake, you can find them on their website, Spotify, and Facebook page.

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