Hidden Beams releases animated clip for the poetic song “Hidden”

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 weeks ago
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Hidden Beams is the project of Carlos Argon, named to evoke the invisible forces that create connection or separation between us as people. With his single “Hidden”, Argon expertly creates a sense of unease to explore the space before connection, then bridges into a place of uncovering. 

The song opens with rich strumming and straightforward vocal delivery. Underpinning the track is a sense of rising and falling disquiet in experimentation with tone. There is something unsettled in the off-kilter notes. Filmmaker Martyna Koleniec and cinematographer Ondřej Nedvěd catch on this with the unfolding of a gorgeously stylized story about a figure in the woods. His arteries and veins are becoming darkened while the light that burns within him flickers. As the song picks up layers, the figure finds another being with darkness and a flickering light to match his own. 

The camaraderie soon gives way to memories that match Carlos Argon’s own experiences growing up with an abusive stepfather in a racist Texas. In black and white watercolours, the memories come and go within the young figure, who is left to find his own instrument — of connection and music-making both — to find and sustain his own light. In the fictional realm and the real, music is what ends up reaching out of isolation.

To hear more from Hidden Beams, you can find the project on Facebook, Spotify, and on the website. You can also find the artist on Instagram for more news. 

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