High Sierra Club – “Waiting” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 months ago
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Who says chemistry is hard to come by in an age of social media? High Sierra Club were formed when guitarist and vocalist Matthew Mosca direct-messaged bassist Jacob Grabner over Twitter and the two started jamming in Las Vegas. With the addition of drummer Lyle Carter, the three-piece band was complete.

“Waiting” is the debut track and clip from High Sierra Club.

Here, chemistry abounds. The tightness of the band is obvious in their intentional movements and technical, combined prowess. Set in a Las Vegas detention basin in the bright dessert sun, there is a sense of both confinement and freedom. Each shot is cut with a crystal intent: to showcase the joy these three musicians have in making music … even if waiting is the name of the game. 

Fears of honesty and the pressure of holding onto your own truth press through the lyrics while the punk energy resonates. “I’m so afraid,” Mosca sings, “but at least I’ll say it. I’m so afraid.” Looking down the line at the infinite amount of choices we have can be paralyzing, but High Sierra Club are working through fear with sound. Change comes, but never when you want it to. The trick, as High Sierra Club knows, is waiting. 

To hear more from High Sierra Club, you can find them on their Facebook, Bandcamp, and Twitter.

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