Hoodie Allen – “Let It All Work Out”

Ross Thompson, 5 years ago
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Following the success of his first commercial record, “People Keep Talking,” Hoodie Allen returns to his free-music roots with Soundcloud track “Let It All Work Out.” The song samples Sampha’s “Indecision” to intersperse between Hoodie’s verses. The instrumental takes a surprising foreground that adds a sophisticated layer to his rap. He sends a message that is easily relatable “I’m going through shit that’s got me stressing now, but like homies told me, let it all work out.” So, take a break from your labor day grind, lean back, and let Hoodie flows be the background to the rest of your day.

Send Hoodie a tweet (he’s likely to respond), and keep up with his ever-growing library on Soundcloud. Buy “People Keep Talking” here.

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