Newcomers, Hotel Motel, drops the pop-punk indie playlist on SoundCloud for which you've been patiently waiting.

Hotel Motel – “All Right”

Katie Puccio, 4 years ago
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Cheer up, emo kids! Relatively unknown newcomers, Hotel Motel, just released a playlist on SoundCloud that has the early 2000’s Warped Tour sound you’ve been missing over the past few years. The first song on the playlist, “All Right” is a modern pop-punk anthem reminiscent of Dashboard Confessional and other alternative and scene bands you loved in your formative teen years. Slightly strained male vocals laid over bass-heavy drumming highlights the carefree, “I don’t care” mantra of the lyrics. The repetitive synth chimes in the background are subtle, but enough to make Hotel Motel’s music align sonically with modern pop-punk, which straddles the line between electronic and rock and roll.

Other than a Twitter page that was launched back in December and the SoundCloud where they released their EP, there isn’t much about Hotel Motel on the internet. Maybe they’re about to launch a heavier social presence in the near future, but it seems pretty cool and unique that they are focusing on putting the music out into the world first. “All Right” is a wonderful first taste of Hotel Motel’s potential, and we look forward to what they come out with next.

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