Ivor Lane – “I Wait Too Long” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Let the music of Ivor Lane guide you through whatever weighs on your mind, for this was what the Chicago-based artist intended with their debut EP, Postplay. You can hear this guidance and nuance in the lead single, “I Wait Too Long”. Find yourself happily lost in the accompanying clip, which was directed by Jon Cates and Meg Noe. 

Ivor Lane was in an isolated and dark space in the time that led up to the creation of Postplay, so when they created the EP, they knew that the most helpful thing was not to tell people to be optimistic, but to sit with them through hardship and offer comfort in understanding.

Using the metaphor of drinking water, “I Wait Too Long” plays out the reality of what happens when we can’t act when our bodies tell us we must and instead become paralyzed by anxiety. The video replicates the sensation with glitchy footage set in a cemetery and against waterfalls. In the end, we see Ivor Lane submerged in the water, facing the fear, hydrating.

Shoegazey and pop-tinged, Postplay showcases Lane’s skill as an instrument unto their own. The vocals fill space alongside lingering tones, and though the optimism may feel buried, it’s there and ready to be soaked in.

Postplay is tentatively set to be released on March 29th, 2019. To hear more from Ivor Lane while you wait, you can follow them on their website and Facebook page.

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