Ivy Nations – “Live By Design”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Ivy Nations create dance-rock: rhythmic new-wavey synth-and-guitar mixtures that make sitting still a challenge. But why stay still when the music refuses to. The video for Ivy Nations’ track, “Live By Design” dropped today, and the track moves and jolts with a refreshing unexpectedness. Never quite sure whether the song is about to blast off or continue on its smooth way, the music swells and falls like a carnival ride in an alternate-reality fairground.

The video uses the lyrics as a thematic base. A man lives his life by rote, with every step and action pre-planned out by white outlines that remind one of the lines that surround a body at a crime scene. It’s a bleak life that is connected to ours by flashes of familiar images. Wind farms, office buildings, transportation via train. The sci-fi world created by the box-carrying worker in the video becomes inseparable from the world we know. The narrative is created by the man’s ability to see — quite literally — outside the box that holds the box. This glitch allows him to break the cycle, to design his own life. But is he really free?

To hear more from Ivy Nations, check out their Spotify and Soundcloud pages. You can also follow the band on Facebook and Twitter, or find them at their website.

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