J. Cole – G.O.M.D. (Video)

Topher Davis, 4 years ago
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J. Cole released a video today for G.O.M.D.. The Lawrence Lamont directed video places Cole in slave-era America. To draw the obvious comparison to the Django-esque nature of the video, Cole reprises the role that Samuel L. Jackson played in the film of the main house slave. In the beginning of the video Cole is not respected by the fellow slaves, because they view him as an extension to the hand of the master of the plantation. This quickly changes during a dinner party where the plantation owner is dancing around joyfully drunk, and drops his keys to the artillery closet. Cole cleverly hides the keys under his shoe, and the plantation owner’s daughter cosigns the whole uprising. She is rewarded for it in the end as Cole and the slaves who have newfound respect for him take over the plantation, and the daughter is spared from being tied up along with the rest of the captives. Cool concept for a video, and in typical fashion Cole takes an unexpected path with this music video. Watch “G.O.M.D.” here.

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