Jack Vance- $300 (prod. Potillo)

Megan Berberich, 3 years ago
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Always tryna emulate, never imitate it
the life through a screen
ain’t nothing but fiends
Houston artist Jack Vance, drops “$300,” a single following “Black Red Ranger,” which was his first of 2016. Vance finds himself mixing a variety of genres and techniques from rap to electronic to a hint of southern influence.

Vance creates his own powerful track with superior production, wonderful world selection and intricate story telling capabilities. He brings up questions of success and feelings of loneliness and what that feels like as a black man in America. It’s deep content that Vance excels at presenting through his rhymes.

As with “Black Red Ranger,” “$300” is another powerful productions from the mind of Jack Vance. To hear more, check out his SoundCloud.
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