Jameson & The Conditionals – “Wasting Your Love” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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The animation of Amy Kuttab is a perfect match for the music of Jameson & The Conditionals. Both may appear gentle and fluid at first, but with time grow to carry the kind of emotional weight that remains with you after the music has passed.

“Wasting Your Love” comes off Jameson & The Conditionals’ project of the same name — the first release since 2018’s Small Doses — and works in movements. Cinematic strings open the track then retreat, only to return as soon as they’re missed. The guitar trills along, pushing momentum, while the vocals glide lightly over washes of percussion and organ that create foundation. What first appears delicate on “Wasting Your Love” grows stronger and more beautiful with time.

The accompanying clip carries the same energy in a different shade. Watch as a tree is inhabited and cared for by joyful fairies. Beneath, a beekeeper pulls out a hive and a kaleidoscope of action unfurls. Lovers cuddle under the branches and, eventually, the tree passes on its fruit gifts to a child. This is only a fraction of the activity. Love and the circle of life collide. 

To hear more from Jameson & The Conditionals as we await Wasting Your Love, you can find him on his website, Bandcamp and Facebook page. You can also find Amy Kuttab’s work on her website

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