Jamie Hart – “Get Closer” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 months ago
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Jamie Hart almost quit the music industry in 2017, but instead found self-realization in a two year hiatus. 

The Boston-based musician has been a member of the voice faculty at the Berklee College of Music since 2012, passing on the techniques she employs to create such a scope of genre range. When she found herself disenfranchised with her own place in music, she turned her attention to spirituality and looking inwards. What she realized was that she did want to keep creating music, she just needed to do it in her own way. 

“Get Closer” is a powerful anthem that hinges on its use of growth and expansion. The song details the fear and longing that comes from realizing someone you love is becoming distant, and Hart’s vocals carry all the emotions well. Behind her, an electric guitar swoops in to buzz edgy and ragged as the chorus explodes. 

The clip for the video brings both the grandness of the track to life, while also working with Hart’s poetic lifestyle changes. The dance sequences are not choreographed, but are rather a kind of improv performed by Hart and James Novakowski that feels the pulse of the music. Jay Golde directed the clip and worked with the rhythms and twists to create a visually compelling blend of effected animation-like moments, layering, and — of course — shots of Jamie Hart performing the dynamic song. 

“Get Closer” is the first single from Hart’s latest EP to be released in 2020. To hear more from Jamie Hart now that she is back on the scene, you can find her on her website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow the artist on Twitter.

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