Jamila Woods – LSD Feat. Chance The Rapper

Jasmine Moreno, 4 years ago
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Jamila Woods reveals the beauty in Chicago in her new collab with Chance the Rapper: “LSD.”

Chicago soul singer and poet Jamila Woods shared a new track, “LSD,” featuring Chance the Rapper.  Always a harmonizing and catchy duo with great examples from previous tracks they had collaborated on like “Sunday Candy” and “Blessings.” OddCouple is the man behind the production of this playful and pacific track.chance-the-rapper-sunday-candy-short-film

Jamila Woods remembers being enamored by Lake Michigan as  child. In this track you can now see as an adult, she’s looking for someone who will have the same love for her as she did the water. You will also hear the complicated love she has for her city, finding beauty in Chicago that most out lookers rarely encounter.


“LSD” was dropped just days before her debut project, Heavn. Jamila Woods is a soulful and conciliatory artist who has brought her peaceable mind and heart to every track she’s on.

Heavn will be released on July 11 via Closed Sessions.


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