Jane in Space – “Breaking Glass” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Jane in Space have a unique sound that draws from industrial, Britpop, and electronic influences, but ultimately pulls together to create something unique. Despite the challenge in pinning down the genre, the music itself is anything but difficult, and in fact has garnered critical acclaim for its addictive complexity.

“Breaking Glass” comes off the band’s latest EP, Gorerunner, and is the gentlest track on the release. With its focus on more organic sounds (a piano riff forms the base of the track and the thrum of the bass drum carries the changing dynamic), this track is an easy access point. Never a band to be predictable, even the pop-sweetness of “Breaking Glass” plays with the form, dropping into near silence in the second half before launching back into full sound.

The accompanying video also plays with the idea of seeming simple but being always on the verge of something bigger. The camera pulls slowly back from Tom Vickers as he reads, then puts his focus eerily on the glasses on the table. Slowly, they move, then drop off the table soundlessly. The video doesn’t draw attention from the music, but it has you fully consumed in the minute movements none-the-less. In no time you find yourself absorbed.

Gorerunner was released on July 13th, 2018, and can be found on SoundCloud and iTunes. You can also find Jane in Space at their website and Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.

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