The Japanese House – “Saw You In A Dream”

Shane Longoria, 1 year ago
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Amber Bain, better known by her moniker The Japanese House, continues to experiment with her latest single, “Saw You In A Dream.”

Premiering today on Beats 1 Radio on Apple Music, “Saw You In A Dream” is a slight departure from the atmospheric, other-worldly pop sounds of her previous EPs. The song finds Bain using less of the vocal experimentation we heard on cuts like “Clean,” “Still,” and “Leon,” and instead utilizes more of her natural singing voice.

Instrumentally, “Saw You In A Dream” plays less like the eclectic, beautifully weird soundscapes of her previous work, taking on a more traditional dream pop structure — much akin to Dirty Hit label mates The 1975’s “Somebody Else.”

Still, The Japanese House refuses to stagnate, always experimenting with new sounds to develop a distinct identity. Bain has announced that she is working on a new EP with The Japanese House, so stay with us as we update you on all forthcoming news.

Listen to the dreamy single above.

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