Jase Harley – “Between the Lines” (feat. Chris Lee)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Relationships can be complicated, and Jase Harley‘s new track offers at least a couple of examples of how. His track “Between the Lines” offers a portrait of the pains of love, which is given narrative in the accompanying video. The heartbroken lyrics and weighty vocal lines are balanced by a simplicity of electronic beats, but are pushed forward by a multi-faceted song structure. The melodic opening verses give way as a slow, emotional rap line provides the detail of the relationship, and then the system repeats.

The video takes on the point of view of a young, graceful dancer as her relationship encounters challenges — challenges she works through with precise and solitary movements. The complexity of her situation is hinted at, but it’s not until the last moment that we understand the full picture. All the while, the gradual intensifying of the song matches the decay of the relationship until the credits come up, and you are left to reflect.

Jase Harley’s album Free Pxrn can be heard here. You can also find him at his website and Facebook page, as well as on Twitter and YouTube.

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