Jay Abkari – “Illustratio”

JonFromJersey, 3 years ago
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21-year-old Miami artist Jay Abkari just released a new mixtape entitled Illustratio. Roca Beats is the sole producer on this project, and offers a very consistent, yet undeniably dark aura throughout the mixtape. 

“My projects reflect different phases of my life and Illustratio happened to be the escape of a dark one which is coming in a later project. This very experimental, borderline sinister time in my life was stimulated by late nights mixing hard drugs with liquor and marijuana, backed by the party life and no limits; our world at our rules,” Jay says. The title track captures Jay Abkari in a very introspective state, spitting about his relationship with God, money, and more. “Back To The Basics,” “All The Time,” and “Straight Outta My Mind,” are catchy, stand-out cuts on the mixtape, though the whole project is quite impressive. 

Expect more Illustratio updates soon, but be sure to follow Jay Abkari on Twitter and stream the mixtape above in the mean time.


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