Jefff teaches with infectious melody on “R U Hip 2 the Revolution”

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 weeks ago
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For a brief moment, the title of Jefff’s “R U Hip 2 the Revolution” struck me as a sequel title, a follow-up, a statement about revolution being the next step in a linear chain of events. Though not the intended reading of the title, it does not feel quite incorrect, and it seems to nod at Jefff’s self-referential style of music making.

For example, “R U Hip 2 the Revolution” comes off his album My Last CD, and features a fragment the traditional gospel song “This Little Light of Mine”. There is a nod here to a history, but also to an impossible future. 

The track begins with spoken word introduction that opens into Jefff’s warm and inviting vocals and strong sense of melody. Revolutionary change is at the heart of what he is trying to convey, but so is a love that has been here always, waiting to be tapped into. 

The accompanying clip shows a variety of images, all tethered to Jefff’s performance out among structures and along pathways. He plays his guitar to the camera, spins in the world around him, and delivers a rap that layers up against capitalism. In some moments, his band joins him, showcasing the community necessary to make the changes that he calls for. This is not a one-person problem, and with the help of this tune stuck in your mind, you can be part of the solution.

To hear more from Jefff, you can find him on his website, Spotify, and Instagram. You can also follow him on Facebook for more music and news. 

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