Jeremy Zucker – “Good Bye”

Paula Truscott, 5 years ago
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“You’d like it better if I said you’re the one…”

Hmm, is this the response to the trap track about unrequited love that I reviewed this morning? No, it isn’t, but it’s certainly a response to some shit that went down. Good Bye is the first of 5 tracks that New Jersey’s Jeremy Zucker plans to release every Sunday in November. On first listen, the self-produced single is kinda cute – the beat has a kawaii chill trap vibe (right up my alley) but lyrically it’s a little less affable, as J-man bluntly lets down Little Miss Lovesick, who understandably finds solace in a bottle. And while he doesn’t mind talking it out, he’ll wait til she can hold her own… as long as she keeps her voice down. Sigh 🙁

Perhaps there’s a little more to the story… I don’t know. Find out for yourself and follow Zucker on Soundcloud – the next in line is due this Sunday.

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