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Jasmine Moreno, 3 years ago
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To be able to break through the vigorous world of music, one must not only be persistent but unique, charismatic, and determined! If you are meant to be in the music world you will find a way in it and Christian Berishaj is a living example.

Christian Berishaj, better known as his stage name JMSN (pronounced Jameson), is a singer, songwriter, mult-intsrumentalist, mixer, music engineer and record producer from Eastpointe, Michigan. It is there that he grew up with his single mother on welfare influencing his emotional yet compelling journey. It may be easy to believe his talent may also came from the devotion he had for music at just the gentle age of 8 and working on pro tools by the age of 12.

Later Christian Berishaj began holding garage performances with the lukewarm rock band, Snowhite, he made with three other members. With his determination he began mailing demos and performance videos to record labels. By eighteen, Berishaj had written and recorded a whole album, “Love Arcade.” That’s when he turned down Sony Records, securing a recording contract with Atlantic Records. After three years together the band broke up.

Christian then left Michigan for Los Angeles, California. Berishaj then took on the moniker Christian TV to signify his new label stint with Universal Motown. Berishaj finally broke through the industry nonsense and emerged with a new name and a refined musical style, which he styled as “Hippie R&B”.
With all his natural aptitude Berishaj started his own label, White Room Records and took the name as JMSN.

JMSN’s debut album “Priscilla”, was released January 22, 2012. An album that showed his multi-talented music skills even debuting the music videos he directed as well. This album also shows the darker emotional themed lyrics over spaced out beats and melancholic melodies. Catching the hear of artist Usher, having him even mention in music magazine that JMSN was his, “favorite new act.”

After the success with “Priscilla”, JMSN linked with other artist like The Game, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs and one of his biggest contributors to his promotional success Ab-Soul. JMSN has songs like Your Gone with Ab-Soul and even produced an easy favorite by Ab-Soul called Nibru. In 2013 his North American tour took him over 20 different cities where he both opened and headlined for different acts.

On December 9, 2014 JMSN released his second album “The Blue Album“. This album also led him on 2015-2016 tour where he is currently gearing up for the release of his third album. On March 1 2016, JMSN released a new soulful and jazzy single called Cruel Intentions. The single comes from his upcoming third album, “It Is.”

Only seven days ago JMSN pleasantly surprised fans by releasing another song from the “It is” album. Most of All, is on another level with its music that truly embodies the soul while having you vibe out with the beautiful acoustics of the very many instruments played. Although JMSN has been around for a while now I do not believe that everyone has had the pleasure of hearing his new work that will surely have your equilibrium connect with your and JMSN’s soul. Stay tuned for the emotion, compassion and talent that is executed in every project that JMSN works on.

“If something feels right
In the middle of the night
You got to do it
Know you got to do it
Think about it all the time
So baby tell me why I got to prove it”

Pre-order “It is” on iTunes and look out for the official release May 6, 2016.

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