JNTHN STEIN, KRNE & Alexander Lewis – “Blastoise”

Lauren Bobek, 4 years ago
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Pokemon trainers or producers…or both?

Member of the collective Team Supreme, JNTHN STEIN, grouped up with fellow producers KRNE and Alexander Lewis to make a banger that is sure to blow you away.

“Blastoise” resembles its Pokemon counterpart, with water-like synths and a cannon-like bass. The beginning is a tease in the best way possible; what starts off with a wavy synth and percussion quickly drops into a heavy kick and bass. Further into the song a guitar picking melody takes a turn into a more unconventional sound, ending with a colorful array of chords. This song perfectly blends future bass and trap.

This beat is so hard you may have to ask yourself what is going on after getting blasted with these intense sounds. These guys are all making moves.

Free download…AND it’s on SoundCloud. Act fast.

Follow them on Twitter @JNTHSTEIN, @_AlexanderLewis and @KRNEmusic for more beats in the future.

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