Jordan Looney – “RIP TXLX” [Album]

Samuel Conley, 4 years ago
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In the fast-paced world of social media where we (somewhat ignorantly) expect artists to drop new material with little to no intervals in-between, it is becoming an increasing rarity to see an artist who takes the time out to develop and execute a well thought out concept album. Jordan Looney provides us with exactly this with recent project “RIP TXLX“, an album that chronicles a woman taking a road trip across the south – a story which allows us to experience and reflect upon human vice.

With an impressive list of features, “RIP TXLX” includes Maceo from The O’My’s, Rich Jones, Chris Crack, Chuck L.I., C. Rich, Everest, Chris Cooley, Danielle Turner, and Jordan’s own brother, Elliot Looney (who also did all of the graphic design work for the project).

Jordan says of the project:

“The album concept was inspired by a Lexus, my friend, and the producer of the album, Mena Abebe, while we were in college. In his car Mena, who grew up in Texas, along with a few other friends from different parts of the South, opened my eyes and ears to the rich history and dynamic ecosystem that was Southern Hip Hop. The goal of the album was not to recreate Southern Music, but to let it inspire me to build something new using the tools I had been given from those influences.”

Looney’s project has a number of standout tracks (my favourites being “The Only Life I Know”, “The Floor” and “Raps On Raps”), and is a triumphant reflection of Southern Hip Hop that uses its concept to challenge a number of social issues currently taking place in the U.S. “RIP TXLX” is a professional effort and is well worth a listen.

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