Joseph Sant – Sea White Salt (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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With the sound of Seattle and the themes of New York, Joseph Sant has a nation of influence to work with on his debut EP Sea White Salt. Airy, drifting vocals mingle with atmospheric lap steel and ethereal guitar riffs for a dream pop shoegazey sort of indie rock, and nothing is more evocative of this than the public track “Nor’easter”.

“Nor’easter” brings more rock than the songs which surround it on the EP. There is a concreteness to the melody and rhythm which draws you in, and those indie rock bones are evident beneath the ripples. When the guitar explodes onto the scene, a fire is lit. It’s fun, and yet there is a underlying melancholy. Loss and change are themes that find a home on this record.

“Horse at the beach” and “Only the Shock” have a a nighttime oceanic feel. Something haunting and yet gently pulsing, while “Sea White Salt” is the most mellow and has a DIY touch with the inclusion of whistling.

With the help of Stirling Krusing, Gabriel Galvin, and Tyler Graham — as well as Georgia Tan on bass for live shows — Joseph Sant has developed a unique indie sound. Excited to see what he’ll be up to in the new year? Check out his website, SoundCloud and Facebook page more updates and news.

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