JPRiZM – “Rise” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 10 months ago
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Boston-based artist JPRiZM describes the video for his track “Rise” as a “reflective rhythmic novella, meant to be experienced and not explained.” This isn’t a hard request for the clip, which slides from image-to-image, thought-to-thought through smooth animation done by Anthony Morris Jr.. Why analyze when you could sit back and enjoy it?

If the clip relied more on colour, it could be described as trippy — as it is, the mostly monochromatic colour-scheme with yellows, blues, and purples coming in at key moments gives an air of restraint and purpose to the whole thing. Light bulbs, a falling figure, and birds make repeat appearances and bring a sense of unity to the video. Even if the clip surpasses description, the repetition is comforting, something to hook you in.

The visuals match the track in many ways. The song fuses smooth flowing hip-hop with chill hooks and snappy beats. There is a blend of the soft and the crunchy in the track, making it addictive in its details. The layers are mixed so as to play with closeness and distance, giving it a depth of texture that compliments JPRiZM’s vocal style — both smooth and clipped.

To hear more from JPRiZM, you can find him on his website, Facebook page, or follow him on Twitter.

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