Just A Gent ft. LANKS – “Heavy As A Heartbreak”

Paula Truscott, 4 years ago
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A broken heart. Yep, that shit can be pretty heavy. Here’s a track dedicated to that, backed up by some heavy trap beats which, if you’re anything like me, is the ideal remedy for a muddied mind clouded with the thought of your one true yet un-won love. Aussie beatsmith Just A Gent recruited fellow Strayan solo-electro dude LANKS for the vox on Heavy As A Heartbreak, a killer collab which starts off with some sweet piano, before getting delightfully digitally with the Gentleman’s signature sound. It’s offset nicely by LANKS’ calming vocals – highlighted particularly well in the bridge before BOOM! – how’s that drop? Dope enough to get your mind off that douche that wasn’t too keen, I’d like to think.

You can hear more from Just A Gent and LANKS over on Soundcloud.

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