Justin Bieber And Kanye West Each To Recieve 500,000 Gummy Phalluses For April Fools Day

Samuel Conley, 4 years ago
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The people have spoken. This Wednesday for April Fools day, Justin Bieber and Kanye West will each be receiving 500,000 penis-shaped gummy sweets delivered to their home addresses. Thanks to a special offer by bizarre but awesome online service Ship A Bag Of Dicksthe pair will be receiving 1,500,000 calories worth of gummy penises via postal service tomorrow morning. Using the promo codes ‘KANYE’ and ‘BIEBER’ when you buy your own personal bag of dicks (which you can do here, if you feel so inclined), you can send a free bag of gummy dicks in the direction of the whichever artist you dislike the most, along with a note proclaiming ‘Suck a bag of dicks’. The prank was inspired after an online poll was launched by the company asking 3,500 subscribers which celebrity they’d most like to send a bag of gummy dicks to, with Justin and Kanye (not surprisingly) claiming the top two places. Props have to be given to the team at Ship A Bag Of Dicks for an excellent marketing campaign, and the promotional offer is still running if you buy a bag of dicks right now!

Watch a guided tour of Ship A Bag Of Dicks headquarters at the top of the page.

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