K.A.A.N- Amatures (prod. Cashflow)

Megan Berberich, 3 years ago
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 I demand your respect/ All I want is love and the check

K.A.A.N is the artist to watch in 2016. He’s dropping tracks so fast, it seems like you never know when you’ll be hearing a new joint on his SoundCloud.  K.A.A.N is making music at major label status right now. It won’t be long before big names take notice.

His style is fast, frenetic and HARD. His rap skills are phenomenal. But while he’s spitting out rhymes left and right, the lyrics he produces actually have depth and soul.

It’s raw and from the heart. K.A.A.N mean ‘Knowledge Above All Nonsense’ and once you listen to his music, you’ll see why he calls himself such.

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