K Camp – “Rockstar Crazy” (Video)

Chris Tanner, 2 years ago
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In the fast-paced world of rap music, some artists are lucky enough to have opportunities fall into their lap and blow up instantly. Then you have the ones who have to toil behind-the-scenes before they finally get their chance to shine. K Camp, the man behind the hit singles “Money Baby” and “Cut Her Off” can relate to being a little bit of both. With his newest single, “Rockstar Crazy,” K Camp is proving that it is no longer about luck, just his determination and unrelenting skills behind the mic.

The new video, “Rockstar Crazy,” (premiered via WorldStar) is drops a fiery piece of minimalist opulence that gives K Camp the opportunity to light up the screen and show that his larger than life persona is enough to fill the screen. Set deep in the desert flats out west K Camp spits endless fire with just a few select props to illustrate just how bodacious he can be. A Fender Strat, a sexy lady on his arm, and an over-the-top fur coat are all hallmarks of the “rock star” lifestyle repurposed for K Camp, who definitively shows that this hip hop artist is more of a rockstar than any modern rock band!

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